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taste of tradition

table vodka dry

a great combination of two cereal distillates: rye and barley. delicate taste and subtle aroma of bread, fruits and malt. classic and traditional flavour. a real evergreen!

hazelnut liqueur

this special liqueur has an unique combination of sweet and bitter taste and is a real gem for connoisseurs. the flavour is well-balanced, rich and semi-dry.

Cherry liqueur

our cherry cordial is being macerated according to the recipe from 16th century. combining ripe fruits from Polish orchards and the spirit (destines twice) gives this liqueur a distinctive, unforgettable sweet flavour.

Raspberry liqueur

ripe fruit, carefully selected straight from the Polish forest glades and the traditional recipe - you could not mistake this cordial with anything else. it's subtle taste is just perfect for cosy winter evenings.

traditional, handcrafted vodka

a great deal of history

the commencement of Stolowa production process is a real mystery, cloud-wrapped. nobody actually knows when the first bottle has been brought to light and who tasted it for the first time, without knowing how popular this particular liqueur will become…

but there is an important moment in the whole history of Stolowa - year 1922, when Artur Gaede, an entrepreneur, has become an owner of Poznan Alcohol Distillery and had named it The Oldest Vodka and Liqueur Factory. after the plant development in 1937, it has become one of the most modern distilleries in Europe and has started, in the same year, the production of ,,Stolowa Vodka” - distilled twice. during the war, the factory becomes destroyed. In 1971, the production resumes; Stolowa becomes one of the most popular vodkas in Poland, in the era of Communist Regime. it has been present in the offices of any prominent person and the simple family tables as well. around the Communism fall, the production of Stolowa has ended. we have decided to bring it back to life and resume the production, based on traditional recipe. we rely on high quality, well-known ingredients that kept Stolowa on top for almost a century!

Pre-war period, 20th century: the Vodka and Liqueur Factory originates in Poznan, producing the juniper vodka with 35% ABV. Interestingly, the factory gave people the opportunity to drink the beverage straight from the manufacturer and then have it delivered to a home address. This 24 hour service was a very popular trend.

1937: The beginning of Stolowa production. The Oldest Vodka and Liqueur Factory in Poznan, built in 19th century and developed later by ArturGaede, starts making this intoxicant. ABV of Stolowa is then 45% (twice distilled).

Post-war period: Stolowa is being produced by spirit factories in Krakow, Warsaw and Lodz. The colours of Stolowa labels were different in various cities. For example, the Warsaw ones were blue. In addition, Lodz has added a word “gastronomic” to its labels - meaning that some bottles were meant to be served in restaurants…

1972 - 1991 - as a result of changes and modifications in the alcohol manufacturers market, Polmos - Polish Spirit Monopol - emerges. Stołowa, with 40% ABV, was one of a few with an unchanged label design. New bottle caps are being introduced (sold only on 0,5 bottles). In the War State, Stolowa has temporary labels, downsized in emergency situation of no paper supply…

1991 - after Polmos division, the production of Stolowa is being taken over by the Krakow and then Siedlce branch.


2018 - we proudly led in Stolowa into 21st century! Our mission is to revive this cult drink, trusting the tested recipes, that have successfully survived for years. We rely on natural ingredients and strongly believe that the triumph of “New Stolowa” depends on the best quality, combined with tradition. We aim to place this iconic vodka on the pedestal, where it belongs. We hope it will be to modern people’s liking, as classic taste is always in fashion!




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